Video: Project Pr Film

Video: Ferrari 458 Italia "Refreshed" With a Sledgehammer News Luxury wheels manufacturer Forgiato sure has an inventive way of showing how indestructible its wheels are.

Video: Project Titan PR Film News Nissan built using crowd sourcing in its Facebook page? If not, it centered around rising support and awareness for the Wounded Warrior project by putting two Wounded Warrior alumni veterans in the Titan and sending them on a weeklong adventure through the Alaskan wilderness while a film crew followed closely behind. Well, the time has come for Nissan to reveal the completed project. This video teaser shows a few snippets from the video series set to release this Veterans Day happening November 11th. The series can be viewed though Hulu, XBOX Live, and the History2 Channel. The truck itself features a host of upgrades including a lift kit, 35-inch-tall Nitto Trail Grappler tires, an ARB front bumper, A bed topper with roof rack, and a compact off-road camping trailer wrapped in the same desert camo as the Titan.

Future Toyota Sports Car Could Cost More Than $50k

As an actor and comic, race car driver, and journalist, the respective three will make the show unique to its French audience while still practicing the crazy antics that’s made Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May’s version of Top Gear such a huge success.

France Will Get its Own Top Gear Version

The actual Car and Driver article claims that some inside sources are saying that the car will likely cost more than a base Corvette.