U.s. Congressional Medal Was Honoured With By Canadian Veterans Of Fssf

But even with these new advances, U.S. prevention efforts appear to be stalled. There are still some 50,000 new infections occurring per year, and less than 30% of people living with HIV/AIDS in America have their disease under control. The HIV Workforce Knowledge, Attitudes, and Beliefs Survey assessed the HIV/AIDS science and treatment knowledge of more than 3,600 non-medical respondents from 48 states and U.S. territories. http://www.news-medical.net/news/20150204/HIV-science-and-treatment-knowledge-can-end-AIDS-epidemic-in-the-US.aspx

The first place winners in each of the four main categories (education, healthcare, sustainability and transportation) will each receive $1 million. Two additional winners in each category will receive $250,000 each for a total of $6 million in prize money from Verizon. And the million dollar winners are: Education $1M Winner: Sesame Enable - Based in Israel, this company has developed touch-free smartphone and tablet technology for children and adults for whom touch is not possible. According to Sesame Enable, of the 5.6 million paralyzed people in the U.S., 150,000 are children who cannot move their hands. The technology integrates with games and applications and allows those children access to educational opportunities previously inaccessible to them. http://www.news-medical.net/news/20150204/Winners-of-Verizon-Powerful-Answers-Award-Boast-Solutions-bring-solutions-to-redefine-the-world.aspx

ESMO highlights collaborative efforts to improve access to cancer medicines

Only buy food products that show a list of ingredients. http://www.news-medical.net/news/20150204/Important-tips-to-prevent-food-allergies.aspx

Recession of mid-2000s continues to impact America's children

In January, 2013, Minister Peter MacKay presented 13 Devil's Brigade Veterans with the Minister's Award for Operational Excellence. Activated on July 9, 1942, as three small regiments and a service battalion, the Devil's Brigade was a joint Second World War American-Canadian commando unit trained at Fort William Henry Harrison in Montana, U.S.A. The legacy of the brigade lives on, as many modern American and Canadian Special Forces units trace their heritage to this unit. http://www.news-medical.net/news/20150204/Canadian-Veterans-of-FSSF-honoured-with-US-Congressional-Gold-Medal.aspx

Winners of Verizon Powerful Answers Award Boast Solutions bring solutions to redefine the world

This protein, which is present in lactose serum, is responsible for approximately 10% of milk-related allergies. As a result of this treatment, milk becomes much more digestible. Julia Maldonado-Valderrama, a researcher at the University of Granada involved in this project, explains that β-lactoglobulin is difficult to digest because this protein has a compact and complex structure that resists enzymatic processing during digestion. "This complexity is nevertheless necessary for proteins to fulfil their structural function as stabilizing agents of emulsions or foams." One way to facilitate the digestion of proteins could be to break up or dismantle their structure. http://www.news-medical.net/news/20150204/Researchers-use-pulsed-light-to-modify-lactose-protein-that-causes-1025-of-milk-related-allergies.aspx

BIANJ to host annual event to raise funds for NJ residents living with brain injury

On World Cancer Day 2015, ESMO confirms its commitment to acknowledging this patient right and highlights our collaborative efforts towards improving access for all. "While researchers are working hard to discover new cancer therapies, these are not always reaching the patient," said Rolf A. Stahel, ESMO President. "To address the issue of disparities in cancer care we first need to map out what the problems are and where they occur. One of them is the complex issue of access to medicines." This is the objective behind the ESMO-led European Consortium Study on the availability and accessibility of anti-neoplastic medicines across Europe. This landscape survey attempts to answer the question: Is a licensed medicine available to a patient when prescribed and can the patient afford it? http://www.news-medical.net/news/20150204/ESMO-highlights-collaborative-efforts-to-improve-access-to-cancer-medicines.aspx

Each of these men has worked diligently to improve the life of the residents of New Jersey. http://www.news-medical.net/news/20150204/BIANJ-to-host-annual-event-to-raise-funds-for-NJ-residents-living-with-brain-injury.aspx

Important tips to prevent food allergies

It finds lingering effects in every aspect, but it underscores the effectiveness of federal investments in mitigating harm to children. http://www.news-medical.net/news/20150204/Recession-of-mid-2000s-continues-to-impact-Americas-children.aspx