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Alright, so it’s not actually report, but it sure appears like a sheet of looseleaf, doesn’t it? Factory that is small is to building great goods no stranger, and Report Scarf, their newest one, resembles an extended page of notebook report as you are able to wrap your neck around, just like a scarf made from wool. The Report Scarf is created out of the paperlike Tyvek product, that will be identified because of its durability. It’s also breathable and waterresistant. Consequently, whilst it looks like a simple page of report, this scarf may really keep you warm.

To discover the material, thinkDO studio looked downtown Sãe Paulo, seeking unsuspecting furniture. These items that were naive are characterized by randomness — where feet, backrests etc., are put together without any standard of purpose or attractiveness.

An Fresh Modifying Home by PKMN architectures

After 8+ years to be online, we at Style Milk unveiled our very own application and we couldn’t become more excited.

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A large dining table folds down thus she can entertain visitors. The pods could be forced together or divided, depending on her desires, each on a basic industrial railing program. On each's stops can be a bookshelf for space for storage that is added.