This One Goes All The Way To Eleven

Little Munkster goes station to section to have his fill o’ free hazelnuts. Wait ’til the very finish for the Ah-nold speech, too.

Caturday Buddies

A relaxing Saturday about the couch. The Hoomin coughs, and his Kitteh quacks. All is not amiss with this minor spot of the entire world.

Caturday: “Hey Honey? Do U Have The Swiffer?” 3

These BFFs appear to be ongoing pals, don’t they? Sort-of tells ya of Fum and Gebra from spring of 2013. THEN:

Caturday: A Bit Robitussin™ Will Apparent That Appropriate Up!

We only found “ Do U Possess The Swiffer?” 2 Saturday night—and today here comes No 3 offering Rigby The Bengal Kitteh!