That Which Was Blacked Out In The Beginning Credits Of Godzilla (2014)what Was Blacked-out Inside The Opening Credits Of Godzilla (2014)

  (4 children) Eh, I'm watching it tonight on my big screen with the surround sound, some pizza, and a stiff drink, so I'll see how I feel afterwards. I already know Bryan Cranston is only in the movie for like 5 minutes and there are apparently a bunch of problems with things in the plot not making sense, so my expectations are set pretty low. If its better than that, then hey, makes it a more enjoyable movie. And if not, hey, no disappointment :)

MPAA accused of homophobia over R-rated sex-free gay romanceMPAA accused of homophobia over R-rated sex-free gay romance

  (1 child) I'm definitely not old but I'm starting to get to an age where age difference matters a LOT more. I'm only 24 but my roommates are all 30+ and my co workers tend to be the 20-24 range. It's just weird because my roommates view me as "typical youth that is everything wrong with america" and are on the way to becoming old cranky people and sometimes I look at college kids and think "Holy fuck you're just children." I think the biggest influence is that while people my age grew up in an age of technology I still remember a time when the internet wasn't so big, social media was non-existent, and not everyone had a cell phone (don't even get me started on smart phones). People younger than me never really lived in a time like that.

Official Discussion - Sin City: A Dame to Kill For [SPOILERS]

They changed the source material to fit their strange ideas and made a huge mess of what is essentially a ready to fillm script in the form of books and short stories. There was no reason to do anything except work the books into a movie script form, even the dialogues could go unchanged and the movie and tv series woild be awesome, but no. They tried to change it because if they didn't all the credit would go to Sapkowski, and since they didn't want to pay him for his help, he told them to do whatever they wan't and he'll have nothing to do with it.

Lorelei Linklater, Ethan Hawke, & Ellar Coltrane in 2004 (two years into filming BOYHOOD) and ten years later at the film's premiereLorelei Linklater, Ethan Hawke, & Ellar Coltrane in 2004 (two years into filming BOYHOOD) and ten years later at the film's premiere

Now, I'll readily admit that the scene in the uncut version is awfully excessive and a bit disgusting -- but that was the whole point of the scene. And I don't think the film, as a whole, goes magically from 'inappropriate for kids 17 and under EVER to okay if their parents come along, just because we see a guy get shot graphically, just not quite as many times. And this is the same film where we see the main character's hand get blown off, on-screen, with a shotgun, after he's been held down by the bad guys.

New Witcher movie in pipeline: Oscar-nominated director and animator Tomasz Baginski has been confirmedNew Witcher movie in pipeline: Oscar-nominated director and animator Tomasz Baginski has been confirmed

  (1 child) I, Robot actually is Asimov! Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep is one of, I not the only, PKD book that deals with robots/androids (I've only read 5 PKD books so I can't be sure on this). And because PKD is dealing with already very advanced androids that mimick humans in almost every way, I find it different than stories like this or I, Robot where the revolution of the robots has just begun. Also Deckard wasn't actually an android, as stated by PKD himself, it was only paranoia momentarily making him think he might be. I personally actually refuse to agree with Dick on that whether its his creation or not, because the looming question and strong belief that Deckard was an android added a whole new layer to the book that gave it a 5/5 for me.

Lady Gaga poster for ‘Sin City: A Dame To Kill For’Lady Gaga poster for ‘Sin City: A Dame To Kill For’

  (0 children) What's interesting is that with the exception of a couple shots in the first one, the special effects are amazing considering the time period and how they were done. Eiji Tsuburaya wanted to use stop motion but there wasn't the budget. In the end, they found other ways and made it work. The thing about Gojira is, the movie's not about a giant monster.

"Automata" Trailer"Automata" Trailer

I felt that the Nancy storyline at the end felt very tacked on and cheesy, and left a bad taste of the movie in my mouth. 2 out of 3 acts being good is something to be enjoyed, but I preferred the first Sin City. [–] gmonster760 0 points1 point2 points 1 hour ago  (0 children) It was alright. Mickey Rourke is by far the best thing in it. JGL was awesome too.

Universal Turning Away From Superhero Trend In Favor Of Monster MoviesUniversal Turning Away From Superhero Trend In Favor Of Monster Movies

My dad is very sentimental and when all us kids went to college or moved away from home for the first time, he always said it was a milestone in his life and it made him reflect upon his life. He's a great dad, but he hasn't done anything more noteworthy than the mother character, but I can't see my dad ever getting mad as I pack for college or move across the country. I thought the mom was being selfish. I can understand getting upset and angry with such a big change, but taking it out on her son? I think I would have felt really betrayed as the son, and feel guilty for having my own life for a long while after. (At the same time, it's a movie about imperfect people, so I'm glad it was in there.