Reader Bethany Hamilton Seeks To Encourage Girls With' Heart And Body '

She uses her "Body and Soul" story to motivate girls.

Side crunches can make love handles vanish, if done properly

Say adios to those love handles with the side crunch, a proven waist cincher. Orthopedist and fitness trainer Levi Harrison demonstrates proper form as well as a couple of ways to make the move more challenging. By Melinda Fulmar Levi Harrison explains how best to tackle those love handles When doing side crunches, remember: Abs should be doing the work, so don't crane your neck Say adios to those love handles with the side crunch; a proven waist cincher. Orthopedist and fitness trainer Levi Harrison, who created the Art of Fitness Cardio Core Workout, demonstrates proper form as well as a couple of ways to advance the move.

Food buyers lean toward 'natural,' a claim that's hard to define

Unbreakable is also open to "civilians" who are looking for a serious training and conditioning program. (Anne Cusack / Los Angeles Times) Former Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher and Fox Sports' Jay Glazer open a gym for elite athletes and wannabes No cameras, no mirrors, no Twitter and a lot of sweat at Unbreakable Performance Center Up a little hill off the Sunset Strip, above the restaurants, there's a nondescript parking lot, and you can see that something's going on by the cars parked there. There are a few Range Rovers, a matte black pickup jacked up on monster wheels and, oh, yeah, a bright yellow Ferrari. We wanted a place where these guys can be comfortable and check their ego at the door and not worry if they look bad doing it because no one's gawking.

Unbreakable Performance caters to pros, but 'civilians' are welcome

"The vertical orientation with hands overhead rockets your heart rate like nothing else," he says.

Choices abound when buying eggs

In one study from the consumer research firm Mintel, people were given a list of food product claims and asked which ones mattered most to them. "Natural" tied for No. 1 with the claim that a product contained a full serving of fruits or vegetables. Decades ago, eggs were brown or white, big or small. Now you need a scorecard to choose: cage-free, organic, humanely raised or pasture-raised ¿ not to mention prices that can run from less than $2 to $8 for a dozen.

An intense climb at Sirens & Titans in Westwood

8 Likes: It works. When you see an albino antelope, you won't have to stop, dig into your backpack for your camera and end up missing the shot. Reaching back with your right hand, simultaneously slide off a simple vertical-format buckle with your thumb and pull the waist belt with your left hand. In a second, the camera bag is rotated into position in front of you.

For hiking, an easier camera bag, a faster water filter and more

It protects us from abrasions and chemicals.

Summer skin care: Could be the season of the itch

The outdoor area may be fenced or covered with netting. Grade: Grade A eggs have thick whites, which do not spread easily, making them ideal for frying. Grade B eggs usually have thinner whites, good for cakes and omelets. Grades are based on those and other qualities, such as defects. Grass-fed: Grass-fed animals receive a majority of their nutrients from grass throughout their life.