Check Out The Liveaction Coupon For Callofduty Online With Chris Evans!

A new truck for the game has debuted online (via Just Jared) presenting the one and only Captain America himself, Chris Evans. Take a look below!

The Interview Scores $15 Million from Online Revenue and Rentals By E Douglas ON November 28, 2014 While the Seth Rogen-James Franco comedy  The Interview  built significantly less than $3 trillion in its first four days of theatrical release in 331 independent picture properties, it’s currently being claimed that it has made $15-million from online sales and rentals in United States between Friday and Sunday. Who understands how much cash the film could have built if Sony Pictures had opted with its initial policy for a broad discharge on Christmas Time, but what wound up being truly a innovative gamechanger of a choice might payoff as the film was downloaded officially 2 million instances mainly on Google Play and facebook. Although it has nonetheless to place for that ITunes Retailer on the Top 30,  iTunes merely started providing the flick today. It hasn’t been established exactly what the plans are for that video from below on, like the odds of it getting a regular theatrical release globally, where the paid download was not provided, however it still features a approaches to get before it makes back its $45 million budget. Evaluations have generally been mixed all the way down the center on  RottenTomatoes  with several regional authorities benefiting from the access to watch the film via download when pundits tests were postponed after Sony balked on the first discharge strategies in reaction to major cinema stores declining to show the movie.

Fifty Shades-Of Dull Flick – A Behindthescenes Seem

Grimes will show Elliot Grey alongside Rita Ora who will portray Mia Grey, Christian’s adoptive sibling and sister.

The Hobbit Holds Off All-Comers in Christmas Box-Office

Set in China through the Han empire (206-220 AD), Monster Knife follows Huo An (Chan), an official framed and enslaved to get a transgression he didn’t make.

The Trailer for Dragon Knife, Glancing Jackie Chan and John Cusack

 Though Into the Woods did better in previews, Unbroken acquired Christmas Morning with $15.6 million towards the latter’s $15.1 million, them both beating The Hobbit: The Fight of the Five Armies.  Unbroken slept slightly forward on Friday and wound up the weekend with the estimated $31.7 million, on average significantly less than $10,000, while in to The Woodlands grossed $31 million for third-place with $12,713 per theater. Both shows ended up with significantly more than $46 trillion within their first four times, genuinely presenting the boxoffice a much- shot after a number of slower weeks. The accomplishment of these two videos had an effect on Mary Stiller’s household team finish   Evening in the Gallery: Secret of the Grave  (20th Century Fox), which popped lower than expected last weekend and just added another $20.6 million its next weekend (up 21% from beginning weekend), getting its domestic whole to $55.3 million. Four years back That’s only slightly more than the prior installment, “Battle of the Smithsonian made in its first weekend, and it surely will be relying on worldwide box-office to create back its $127 million manufacturing budget that was claimed.