Cheap Oilcan Not Be Bad For Stock-market - Jan. 14, 2015

And that helps lift profits for most of Corporate America. So do the lower costs that come with declining oil prices. Is this a repeat of the Great Recession? But here's the problem. If oil prices fall too far and too fast because of lower demand, that's bad. That's exactly what happened in 2008. Oil prices hit an all-time high of near $150 a barrel that summer. The average price of gas nationwide reached a whopping $4.11 a gallon. Remember what happened next? Lehman Brothers went bankrupt. The financial system nearly imploded and the unemployment rate skyrocketed. visit their website

Why Some People Almost Always Make Big Money In The Stock Market? | Small Reports

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Sustain2Green: Making a Sustainable Impact: #US stock market and #S&P500 dropped today as shares of #BofA ( Bank of America) and #Citigroup dropped due to drop in earnings and #BestBuy also dropped due to pessimistic outlook

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