Cancer Desires Option To Expire With Dignity

“ We’re living in a time of unprecedented choice... We expect and demand all of these choices because they influence a quality of life. That has to include end of life. “ After Maynard’s death, Glass hopes that she and others at Compassion and Cares will be able to push through California legislation that will allow them the same option Maynard had in Oregon. Jennifer Glass PHOTO: Jennifer Glass wants to create a conversation about end-of-life options.

Bengals Player Says Cancer-Stricken Daughter Will See Him Play for 1st Time Thursday

In Maynard’s last video posted on the site, she said, "When people criticize me for not, not like waiting longer or whatever they've decided is best for me, it hurts because really I risk it every day that I wake up and I do it because I still feel good enough and i still have enough joy and I still laugh and smile with my family and friends enough that it doesn't seem like the right time right now but it will come because I feel myself getting sicker I feel it happening each week." When she first announced her decision to end her life, she said that she picked Nov. 1 as her final day because it is the day after her husband's birthday and she wanted to spend Halloween celebrating with him. She followed through on Saturday. "If November 2nd comes along and I've passed, I hope my family is still proud of me and the choices I've made," she said in the undated final video. CompassionChoices/YouTube PHOTO: Brittany Maynard, a 29-year-old with terminal illness, is fighting to expand the death-with-dignity option to all.

Ebola-Infected NYC Doctor Strums Guitar to Pass Time in Isolation

“You can imagine when people recover from Ebola there will be a period of time when they are fatigued, particularly if they have led a rough existence of poverty and poor nutrition,” he said. Though he was not aware of any survivors having vision problems, he speculated that the virus could attack the blood vessels that line the interior walls of the eyes. Without thorough eye exams -- which he doubted are happening in places like Sierra Leone -- he said he was hesitant to pin the reason for loss of vision on Ebola. There are very few scientific reports looking at the ongoing health problems of those who are cured of Ebola. In one small study, a majority of 29 people who survived a 1995 outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo reported a significant amount of joint pain, muscle aches and fatigue. They were still experiencing deteriorating health up to a year and a half after recovery, the researchers found.

Why Today's Election May Affect Your Health Care

If he loses today’s tight election to his Democratic opponent, Mike Michaud, Maine is more likely to go with expansion, Sommers said. There is a similar scenario unfolding in Florida, Sommers added, but it is less clear in other battleground states whether a new governor alone would have enough authority to expand Medicaid without support from state government. In Arkansas, a conservative state that has already opted for expansion, a reverse scenario is possible, Sommers said. Should the GOP candidate, Asa Hutchinson, win the close governor’s race, it isn’t clear whether or not he will vote to extend the expansion. Even if he does, the extension needs 75 percent of the votes of the state House and state Senate.

Who Nurse Kaci Hickox Voted for This Election

"I got to do something for her," Still told ABC's Cincinnati affiliate, WCPO, with a smirk. "You got to make a play. You can't just be out there dancing for no reason." Still, 25, a defensive tackle, had originally been cut from the Bengals roster, but once they learned his daughter had stage 4 cancer, they re-signed him to their practice squad. He's since been placed on the active roster.

Pollution Chic: Smog Prompts Face Masks on Fashion Runways

Ebola-Infected NYC Doctor Strums Guitar to Pass Time in Isolation Nov 5, 2014, 3:57 PM ET Dr. Craig Spencer is seen in this undated LinkedIn profile photo. Craig Spencer/LinkedIn Share Copy A New York doctor being treated for Ebola has found another way to pass the time in a hospital isolation ward: He's playing his guitar, city health officials say. Dr.

Brittany Maynard Died Just as She Wanted

"Intense smog often cause a lot of asthma and respiratory stress and can precipitate heart attacks and things like that." China Smog Creates What Some Call a Kind of Respiratory Nuclear Winter Smog has consistently been a problem for industrialized China, whose thick fog of pollution is primarily the result of burning coal, said Dr. Dorr Dearborn, an environmental health expert at University Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital. And indoor pollution in rural homes may actually be worse than outdoor pollution in cities, he said. TPG/Getty Images PHOTO: A facial mask appears at the China international fashion week, Oct.

'Post-Ebola Syndrome' Persists After Cure, Doctor Says

Kaci Hickox Boyfriend Bets 'You Can Guess Who We Voted For' Nov 4, 2014, 1:43 PM ET Nurse Kaci Hickox speaks to reporters outside their home, Oct. 31, 2014, in Fort Kent, Maine.