Brain-training Goes To Faculty

Some parents who acquire specified pc-based mind-training activities -- that may charge from the several hundred to more than a thousand bucks -- hope the packages can make their child’s learning disabilities less serious.

Playing Computer Games to Enhance Aging Heads

Many corporations that make pc-based head-teaching games state their goods could maintain or strengthen ram, among different mental skills, and avoid or delay psychological drop and also dementia. But could a videogame offer all that?

The Guarantee and Challenges of Brain Training

wish to be smarter, feel faster, raise your ram, and stretch your attention? There’s a billion-money brain training industry that’s able to aid.

Can Brain-Training Give Athletes a Profitable Side?

Some analysts have considered virtual reality to assist specific people control temporary discomfort during treatments -- but investigation is growing into continuous, persistent pain as well.

A Electronic Haven From Real Discomfort

For brain training to confirm important, that which you practice onscreen should translate into considerable improvements within your sport.