40 Percentage Of Americans Will Establish Diabetes

Obesity is a major risk factor for type 2 diabetes, but it's not the only one. Genes also appear to play a role in the development of type 2 diabetes. In the current study, researchers evaluated medical information and death certificates for about 600,000 adults between 1985 and 2011, to estimate trends in lifetime risk of diabetes as well as years of life lost to diabetes. During the quarter-century studied, lifetime risk of type 2 diabetes increased for the average 20-year-old American man, jumping from nearly 21 percent in the late 1980s to just over 40 percent in 2011. For an average 20-year-old woman, the risk increased from 27 percent in the 1980s to almost 40 percent, the investigators found. The "diabesity" epidemic is the main driver of these increased risks, said Dr. http://news.healingwell.com/index.php?p=news1&id=690712

Cholesterol Drugs' Benefits Far Outweigh Side Effects, Review Finds news

Long-term use of statins was associated with a modest increase in the risk of type 2 diabetes, but only among people who had other diabetes risk factors. People who took statins for a long time had low increased risk for dementia, blood clots, cataracts and fatigue. The researchers also found that statin use offered some protection for people at risk for inflammation of the pancreas and for kidney disease caused by the dye used for some medical imaging procedures. The study was published July 31 in the British Medical Journal. http://news.healingwell.com/index.php?p=news1&id=690441

Coaching May Help Diabetics Battle Depression, Disease Better news

"The program was to be piloted for a two-year period but has been so powerful [that] we have continued it," Melissa Herman, diabetes educator and program director of the Diabetes & Nutrition Education Center of FirstHealth of the Carolinas, said in an association news release. "While healthy coping is an essential part of diabetes education, mental health coaching takes it to another level for people who struggle with depression. Those who had mental health coaching said it was life-changing, lifesaving and helped them feel better and happier than they had in a long time," she added. More information The U.S. National Institute of Mental Health has more about depression and diabetes . http://news.healingwell.com/index.php?p=news1&id=690532

The 'Bear' Facts on Obesity and Diabetes news

Fewer people are smoking, Cheng said, but those who still smoke face a higher average risk of heart disease than smokers did 20 years ago. "One theory is that the people who still smoke are genetically more predisposed to being addicted to nicotine, and so they smoke more cigarettes on hand than smokers did 20 years ago," she said. Cholesterol-lowering statin drugs have allowed huge inroads against high cholesterol as a heart risk factor, chopping the risk in half for all Americans. High cholesterol now causes 9 percent increased risk, compared with 18 percent a decade earlier. Obesity contributes a relatively low amount of increased risk, around 6 percent. The researchers said that obesity's effects may grow in later life, and also might boost the risk of other factors like diabetes. http://news.healingwell.com/index.php?p=news1&id=690668

Women, Blacks Hit Harder by Heart Disease Risk Factors news

In other obese animals however, fat builds up in the liver and muscles, Corbit's team pointed out. The bear findings are "in contrast to the common notion that obesity leads to diabetes in humans," Corbit said in a journal news release. In fact, the finding suggests that obesity and diabetes "may exist naturally on opposite ends of the metabolic spectrum," he said. http://news.healingwell.com/index.php?p=news1&id=690283